Apartments for sale in D'leroi Soleil

The apartments for sale in D. Le Roi Soleil was built by a prominent investor, positioning itself a central location, close to West Lake. Promising to be one of the bright spots for the real estate market in this area, where not only Vietnamese but also foreigners are comfortable to live and work here. Synchronically with the high-end 5-stars service system, the project will surely not disappoint.


  • Project Name: D. Le Roi Soleil
  • Investor: Tan Hoang Minh Group
  • Project location: 59 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Land area: 9184 m2
  • Form of ownership: Red book permanently
  • Project scale: 02 apartment buildings and 01 service building
  • Varieties of Real Estate Products at the project: High-class shared apartments and services


apartment for sale in D'leroi Solei


The building is located in Quang An Ward - Tay Ho District. Project D. Le Roi Soleil is the focus of real estate in the area. From the project, customers only take 5 minutes to move to the windy West Lake, or West Lake flower valley is full of colors. From the project, customers only take 15 minutes to step up to the crowded and bustling Sword Lake.
Moreover, customers can quickly move to the Noi Bai airport area or Dong Anh area via Nhat Tan bridge. You can also quickly move to more bustling areas of the city via Lac Long Quan street. The routes around the project are very thoughtful planning to help customers save travel time.
Apartment for sale in D'leroi Solei

PROJECT FOUNDATION - Apartments for sale in D'Le Roi Soleil

D. Le Roi Soleil is built with 02 main towers, a 25-storey apartment building, and a 01 08-storey service tower.
02 apartment towers are more prominent than the service tower. They were designed with 05 basements. This is a huge number compared to an apartment project. So promising to bring a lot of parking space for residents. They were designed with 12 apartments/floor and a total of 498 apartments. The apartments are built from 02 to 04 bedrooms with an area of ​​88 - 333m2—promises to bring a spacious space for large families.
Apartments for sale in D'leroi Solei
With design style bold luxury, nobility, royal Europe. When you come to live at the project, you will be surprised at the splendid beauty of the apartment. From the living room to the bedroom, from the smallest items are sophisticatedly designed. The apartments are well-designed between the living room and the kitchen, providing a spacious shared living space. Inside will be the bedrooms of the other members. Outside of the apartment, there is a large Logia layout, helping to catch sunlight and fresh air into the apartment.
The top floor of the 02 towers in the area of ​​the Penthouse. This is the most comprehensive apartment project. The penthouses are built openly between the rooms, creating a large and airy feeling, helping to see the whole area around the project. On these floors are arranged with 08 units/floor with 04 elevators, 02 stairs, and 02 cargo lifts.
Located between 02 apartment buildings is an 8-storey apartment building. This area is suitable for corporate offices, service shops, gyms, yoga ...


The project brings together all the necessary services for the life of residents: The system of supermarkets, busy shopping centers, meeting all the essential needs in life, from affordable to high-class slag. Also, there are gym classes, yoga, four-season swimming pools ... to help customers have times of relaxation, exercise, and fitness enhancement.
Besides, thanks to its prime location, the motility from the project are also extremely easy and convenient. Ensure that customers will never late for work.
apartments for sale in D'leroi Solei


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