On 02/01/2020, Tan Long Land successfully organized the meaningful "Warm for me" volunteer program in Ban Luoc - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang


With the desire to bring children in Ban Luoc - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang to have a warm winter, the "Winter warm for children" program organized by Tan Long Land has created a charm and left a mark. big in each person's heart.

The program is one of Tan Long Land's meaningful and practical annual community activities to encourage and support disadvantaged and unlucky 
people in some localities across the country.

The activity not only brings collective and profound values ​​to humanity, but also leaves each member with countless thoughts and feelings about 
the unlucky lives in the commune. festival.

Tan Long Land hopes that from the supportive activities both physically and mentally, it will help the more difficult children to have better living and 
learning conditions, as well as give them more confidence in life. , always trying, striving continuously for a better future.

The program has closed but the echo is still forever, let's take a look at the memorable moments of the recent trip with Tan Long Land.