Real estate for rent in Hanoi

Despite being heavily affected by the impact of the Covid - 19 pandemic, rental real estate is still chosen as a long-term investment thanks to the strength of the product before the changing market. After the Lunar New Year in Hanoi, the interest of most types of properties for rent has gradually increased. Accordingly, the number of demand and ads for rental properties both have increased sharply.

General introduction about the rental real estate market in Hanoi

The real estate market report for February 2022 by a research unit said that the rental property market was recording an amazing recovery rate after a long period of dismalness in the Covid-19 pandemic. Generally, the types of houses and apartments for rent in Hanoi increased by 237%. The number of searches for a private house for rent in Hanoi also increased by 77%, and an apartment for rent increased by 73%. Two types of real estate for rent in Hanoi with a slight increase in interest are shops and villas for rent.

Real estate for rent in Hanoi

Types of real estate for rent in Hanoi

  • Apartment
  • House
  • Villa
  • Shophouse
  • Commercial space

Rental property prices

Apartment for rent in Hanoi

Soon, apartment for rent in Hanoi rates are also forecasted to increase sharply. The reason comes to the selling price of apartments in the market also increased due to the scarcity of supply and the increase in raw material prices. Apparently, as the price of an apartment increases, the rental price must also increase. 

Depending on the apartment layout design, location and internal utilities of the apartment, each type of apartment will have different prices, ranging from 800$/month to 7500$/month.

House for rent in Hanoi

A housing rental unit said that in the second quarter of the year, the demand for housing tenants increased by 70% over the year. Areas with high safety and reasonable level are prioritized.

Prices for houses for rent fluctuate mainly in the range of 400$/month to 1000$/month depending on the saleable area, amenities,...

Villas for rent in Hanoi

The villas for rent in Hanoi must be a harmonious combination of architecture and surrounding landscape, the architecture must ensure function, and the shape must reach the appropriate proportion. Beauty and luxury are the two most basic elements of a villa. In general, villas are often the residence of high-income people. So that the rental budget for villas is ranging from 1200$/month to 8000$/month.

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