The Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien low-rise subdivision is divided into five sub-zones with a total area of up to 183.5 hectares: Bang Lang, Hoa Phuong, Hoa Lan, Hoa Sua, and Hoa Anh Dao. The detached and duplex Vinhomes Riverside villas here are designed in the style of riverside floating houses in the world-famous city of Venice (Italy). Houses and villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside are a great idea for those who want to live in ecological urban area. This place is the land of harmonious interference between nature and people.

Vinhomes Riverside villas in the Bang Lang sub-area

With 114 villas (detached and duplex) ranging in size from about 250 m2 to 2000 m2/apartment, Bang Lang is considered the most luxurious villa area in Vinhomes Riverside, dedicated to the super-rich and special Vingroup partners.

Vinhomes Riverside villas in the Hoa Phuong sub-area

Hoa Phuong is regarded as the ideal place to live for a prosperous community with a liberal and free lifestyle. This sub-area has a distinct design style that is inspired by the image of "water drops on the river." The total area of the Hoa Phuong sub-area is approximately 11.2 hectares, with 368 villas ranging in size from 154sqm to 629sqm.

Vinhomes Riverside House for rent in Hoa Phuong sub-area

Vinhomes Riverside Houses for rent in Hoa Phuong sub-area

The villas here are designed to resemble the beauty of the brilliant phoenix flowers in the summer, with dark red accents on each layer of brick roof, creating a distinct and one-of-a-kind architecture in the heart of the city.

Vinhomes Riverside Villas in the Hoa Lan sub-area

The Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Lan villa area is located in the southeast corner of the Vinhomes Riverside project and is designed with a small scale, approximately 6.1 ha, and low construction density of 219 villas here with an area ranging from 189 sqm to 609 sqm for customers seeking a private, quiet, and secluded lifestyle.

Vinhomes Riverside villas in Hoa Sua sub-area - Aroma

In contrast to the Hoa Lan sub-area, the Hoa Sua area owns the largest area in Vinhomes Riverside, which is planned in two different locations. More than 80% of Hoa Sua villas are developed in a duplex model, with an area of 200 sqm - 250sqm, the rest are detached villas, with an area of 280 sqm - 350 sqm.

Vinhomes investor installed a large glass window system in the villa's living room and bedrooms, allowing the quintessential owner to comfortably admire the peaceful and relaxing river landscape. Furthermore, there are 107 Hoa Sua villas - Aroma with a panoramic view of the expensive European road.

Vinhomes Riverside villa in the Hoa Anh Dao sub-area

The villas in the Anh Dao sub-area, located in the project's heart, have a distinctive architectural style. The interior design of Vinhomes Riverside Anh Dao villa is based on Japanese style with light blue brick roof, displaying a modern, youthful, and rustic look and harmoniously combined with urban green space.

Vinhomes Riverside villas for rent in Hoa Anh Dao sub-area

Vinhomes Riverside villas for rent in Hoa Anh Dao sub-area

In phase 1, all villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside have a large garden, and 80 percent of the products are located next to the lake and ecological river, opening up a picture of the  Romantic Venice city in the heart of Hanoi.

Vinhomes Riverside Detached Villas

Vinhomes Riverside detached villas fully meet three criteria: Isolation - safety - class in the pursuit of unique and distinct living experiences sought after by the Hanoi capital's elite. Not only does each Vinhomes detached villa have a large land area ranging from 141 sqm to more than 700 sqm, but it also has a spacious garden where residents can freely design miniatures, tea tables, plant trees, etc.... for family activities.

Vinhomes Riverside villas have three floating floors and one basement, as well as a full range of high-class standard living rooms such as a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and open garden. To ensure the highest quality of life for the wealthy, the Vinhomes Detached villas all have their own utility ecosystem with 5-star services such as daily housekeeping, garden care,...

Vinhomes Riverside Duplex Villas

Vinhomes Riverside constructed over 200 duplex villas ranging in size from 168sqm to 225 sqm. The Vinhomes duplex villa has three open sides, allowing the owner to create a small garden to grow trees or raise fish, depending on personal preferences.

Vinhomes Riverside Duplex villas for rent

Vinhomes Riverside Duplex villas for rent 

Vinhomes Riverside duplex villas are designed with the goal of achieving the highest aesthetic value by harmonizing colors, lines, and exterior architecture.

Vinhomes Riverside Quadri-Detached villas

Vinhomes Riverside Quadri-Detached villas for rent

Vinhomes Riverside Quadri-Detached villas for rent

Vinhomes Riverside is constructed with four villas leaning back against each other, adhering to architectural symmetry and creating a superficial and massive beauty for the entire block. Lap is stylized with modern and sophisticated features, and the quadrangle villas here will be one-of-a-kind works of art that will captivate even the most discerning guests.

Vinhomes Riverside semi-detached villas

In phase 2 of the Vinhomes Harmony project, 560 lots with a height of 3.5 floors, an area of about 88 sqm to 146 sqm, and a green garden in front of the house creates a unique and refreshing living space.

The facade of the semi-detached villa is smaller than that of the duplex and detached villas because it has only two open sides in front and behind the house. However, because of the clever construction at the project center location, on the roads The interior is spacious and light, and the Riverside semi-detached villas can connect indefinitely to the surrounding landscape ecosystem - comprehensive utilities.

Vinhomes Riverside Garden Villas

Continuing the ecological model and bringing natural elements to life, all Vinhomes Riverside garden villas are exquisite architectural masterpieces that are both luxurious and functional. The owners of the villas can enjoy the airy and fresh atmosphere, which is highlighted by the spacious and green garden space. The delicate and inventive design of the garden villas not only meets the living needs but also provides the worthy owner with a modern and elegant lifestyle.

Vinhomes Riverside Shophouses

A shophouse is a type of apartment combined with a shop that meets both living and commercial standards. This type of real estate is extremely popular in developed countries due to its consistent profitability, and it is also present in phase 2 of the Vinhomes Riverside project.


Shophouses for rent in Vinhomes Riverside are three-story structures located in large and busy inner streets, with the first floor used for trading and the second and third floors used for living. Villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside are investment sources with even higher profits for investment customers. The price of villas for rent in Vinhoms Riverside is also reasonable and profitable. You can 

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