In Hanoi, very few projects have a special position like Sunshine Riverside: located right on the south bank of the Red River, at the foot of Nhat Tan Bridge on the famous Phu Thuong land with ancient peach trees, considered as the The spiritual area of Hanoi for thousands of years. This information below is about shophouse for rent in Sunshine Riverside.


Shophouse for rent in Sunshine Riverside

  • Project name: SUNSHINE RIVERSIDE
  • Investor: Sunshine Group
  • Location: Phu Thuong Ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi
  • Project scale: 11.953 m2
  • Building density: 30%
  • Number of floors: 3-4 floors


In terms of overall regional planning, the project is the first connection point in the Nhat Tan - Noi Bai axis planning project with the idea of ​​"Dragon welcomes pearl", the backbone is the highway connecting the airport to the city center. In the center of the city, the Dragon's head turns towards West Lake - Red River. Located at the center of the "Dragon's head" area, Sunshine Riverside shophouse for rent opens an unlimited view of the romantic West Lake, the nostalgic Red River and the shimmering Nhat Tan bridge, inheriting all the beauty inherent nature of this area's landscape complex, as well as the airy and fresh environmental conditions.

Location of Sunshine Riverside

An important imprint in the product is the elegance and elegance of classical architectural features. The façade and interior design are consistent in style, refined to combine natural, sustainable, and premium materials. The standard ratio in shaping is applied to create vibrant solid plates, and harmonious, and balanced reservations.

Easily connect with neighboring areas

In the population of Ciputra urban area.

  • West Lake Water Park: 1 km.
  • Hoa Binh Park: 5 km.
  • Hospital E: 7 km.
  • My Dinh National Sports Complex: 10 km.
  • My Dinh bus station: 9 km.
  • Noi Bai Airport: 18 km.
  • National University: 9 km
  • United Nations International School (UNIS): 1km
  • Buoi Market: 4 km.
  • Valley of Flowers: 1.5 km.
  • Nhat Tan Bridge: 500 m.


Sunshine Riverside is a complex of condominiums combined with high-class commercial services, including 3 apartment towers located in the overall including an international school, a system of commercial townhouses (shophouses), an entertainment center. Community service location and friendly landscape… With sustainable design solutions, research on the harmony between residential space and commercial facilities - useful services, Sunshine Riverside shophouse for rent creates a population that surpasses the traditional ones. Available advantages, establishing a high-class living space.

Shophouse for rent in sunshine riversie

Inheriting the advantage of traffic due to two-way access to modern urban roads, at Sunshine Riverside, the internal transportation system is organized continuously and diversely, including: Two large basements used as parking lots. vehicles, dedicated routes for vehicles to directly approach each building, clusters of high-speed elevators, and a system of walkways that are logically and separately arranged in interlocking landscape layers… Solutions The general traffic design of the project is calculated to ensure convenience and ventilation for circulation, and at the same time establishes landscape routes, vivid views, cleverly installed walkways.

  • Adult swimming pool
  • Children's swimming pool
  • Sunbathing yard
  • Grilled Garden
  • Reading Garden
  • Dressing room

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