Apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung - Upgraded Checklist 

Apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung: The good news is there are still areas where renters can live close to the central city without having to fork out a huge monthly stipend. 

Residential apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung district

Renting is about to be revolutionized in Hai Ba Trung district, with a new communal-living apartment tower hitting the market catering to everything renters need – and then some.

Apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung

Apartments for rent in Hai Bai Trung are launching, offering people rooms to rent with facilities they can share with like-minded people.

Comprising one- to five-bedroom living arrangements, the residential towers in Hai Ba Trung promise affordable rents and alluring perks – a mix likely to garner plenty of interest among the renting community. 

Hai Ba Trung's location is great. It gives access to all the universities, including Hanoi Open University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and Phuong Dong University — so that's appealing to students. This place will appeal to students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to be close to the action.

Inside the apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung district

A key aspect of the residential apartments in Hai Ba Trung is the communal living offering, which is expected to appeal to renters. In Hanoi, we see lots of student accommodation and share houses, but when we talked to the customer. Apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung have created a new model of renting that is very suited to Gen Z and millennial customers. Several different living options, like the studios, give you that option of residential privacy, but if you want to share an apartment with four people, you can do that too.

All apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung are private. Still, for some units, residents share other critical aspects of the home, including a kitchen, co-working spaces, an outdoor terrace, a sky lounge, and a cinema — all included in the rent.

Finally, one of the most attractive features of residential towers is that 

everything you need to live affordably and well is included in the rental fee, so you'll never be hit by unexpected bills or costs.

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