Find Office rental in Cau Giay district, Hanoi

There are a lot of offices for rent in Cau Giay district  with different types of office grade A, B and C in varied sizes and rental prices. 

Tan Long Real Estate is developed to cater for all housing requirements, residential leasing, commercial leasing and Industrial leasing. We have English speaking customer Division , Korean custommer Division and Japanese custommer Division with well-trained staffs to provide best services for customers. At Tan Long, we have updating database of rental offices in Cau Giay district to serve for any requirement you may have. Our staffs will help you to quickly find your ideal place with high or low rate or with any requirement raised and will negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal on your working space. Especially, we have our own maintenance team who can show up anytime at your urgent need as We understand the lease-long services is more important than showing the properties.

If you want to working in Cau Giay district, just send us your requirements and we will select and arrange the visit to your right place in the shortest time with reasonable price.


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